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Clean Metro, Inc. (CMI) is a 100% African-American Woman owned and was established in 2012. Consequently, we are DBE and WBE Certified. We are a specialty technical cleaning company. Are you wondering what technical cleaning means? ☺ Well, then you should keep reading.

Technical Cleaning & Degreasing at Industrial facility

Clean Metro, Inc. is a South Carolina based specialty cleaning company.

That is to say, we provide technical, construction and specialty cleaning to large-scale commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities. We do not provide residential or small commercial cleaning services.

Our experience includes:

We are detailed and efficient. Further, Clean Metro, Inc. has a network of labor to complete projects anywhere in the southeast. In select cases, we provide service beyond the southeast! That is not to say that we choose our employees haphazardly. Clean Metro, Inc. is extremely selective in the people we allow to represent us on our projects!

Our projects sometimes require deep cleaning. Yet, in most cases we are able to find processes that cause little to no environmental harm! The media we use includes: dry-ice blasting, glass bead blasting, compressed air, deionized water. More often than not we are able to use just plain old water!

Clean Metro, Inc. offers creative solutions to your most challenging out-of-scope cleaning tasks.

In short, our safety track record is no accident! Above all else, our priorities are the protection or our team and your property! Our field support team members are required to have an OSHA 10 certification while our field management team are required to be OSHA 30 certified.

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Clean Metro, Inc. Team on location in upstate SC.

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We are proud to partner with awesome suppliers. Certainly, we could not do what we do without them!

Our preferred partners include: United Rentals | Herc Rentals | CAT Rentals | Home Depot Institutional (Supply Works) | AirGas | Sherwin Williams