Turpentine & Baby Shampoo

“What’s your secret?” This is one of the most common things said to our field team… trumped only by: “You missed a spot!”

I know you usually kill at the office parties but I assure you we aren’t amused by that one anymore.

Final construction clean - window cleaning in Columbia, SC by Clean Metro, Inc.So, what is the secret for windows that WOW? Our Field Supervisor usually responds “Turpentine & Baby Shampoo”. Don’t. Believe. That! I’m going to let you in on a long-kept industry secret, but don’t tell anyone else, okay? It’s Dawn. Seriously, that is our standard detergent for commercial glass cleaning! Hey, it’s good enough for the seals in an oil spill, right? If it is a really tough case (think: ketchup covered kiddie fingers smeared all over the glass) we’ll add a shot of ammonia. So, how do we get a sparkle so pristine it fools poor little birds? It’s all in the skillful twirl of the squeegee. It takes time to perfect, so let us use our experience to maintain your windows in their perfectly crystal-clear state.


Specialty Hotel Eco-Friendly Window CleaningComplete construction cleaning on 7 story medical building in Lexington/Columbia, SC.We are also quite proud of our eco-friendly, water-only window cleaning process. We utilize a unique water filtration system that, when used properly, will leave your windows up to 5 stories high sparkling like new with ZERO chemicals and our staff doesn’t have to leave the ground.

Multiple stories? Construction cleaning? Don’t try that at home! 🙂 Call in the experts at Clean Metro, Inc.! Construction cleaning presents its own unique set of risks. If you don’t want to replace scratched windows thanks to an inexperienced team, you should only choose a company with extensive construction window cleaning experience, like Clean Metro, Inc!

Between cleanings, what can you do to maintain those high-traffic areas? A microfiber cloth and a little elbow grease will do the trick! It’s a great chemical-free way to keep the fingerprints at bay. PRO TIP: Be sure to use cloths that have not been washed or dried using any fabric softening agents. This same method can easily be used in your home! If you hit a really tough spot, a dash of ammonia on one corner of your cloth will knock it right out. A word of caution: Use ammonia with discretion since the fumes can be overwhelming and we recommend gloves! Also, never mix ammonia with any other cleansers or chemicals!

We provide expert routine commercial window cleaning in the following areas:
Asheville, NC • Columbia, SC • Greenwood, SC • Spartanburg, SC • Greenville, SC

We provide specialty window cleaning & construction cleaning in the following areas:
South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia

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Technical Cleaning… HUH?

So… You’re a cleaning company? The answer is yes… and no.

We are more of a Creative Solutions company. Often clients approach us with unique problems because they know we can find or, in many cases, create the perfect solution!

True, Clean Metro, Inc. did begin as a commercial window cleaning & pressure washing company. However, we quickly became known for our innovative answers to complex technical cleaning & industrial restoration needs.

Industrial Cleaning and Restoration of Machines 

Some examples:

  • A large manufacturing facility had a problem with pigeons in their pedestrian traffic & break areas. As you may know, pigeons leave behind toxic bird feces. This customer was concerned for their employee’s safety and health. After thorough research, we found a simple way to clear the area of birds, with zero environmental impact.
  • Another client needed to clean and degrease machines and surrounding walls with minimal lost production. We were able to thoroughly clean ceiling to floor, including the machines with limited moisture and minimal interruption of production using a high powered foam degreaser and a unique low-moisture pressure wash.
  • Fire prevention is a key concern for textiles facilities. One such plant contacted us when they needed a safer way to clean cotton buildup in a confined space. In the past, a person would need to maneuver this dangerous space for hours on end. We developed an innovative way to harness the power of compressed air to drastically reduce the time spent inside the filtration system, saving the company shutdown time while protecting our staff.

Though we stay true to our roots and still offer multi-story window cleaning and pressure washing, Clean Metro, Inc. will dream up the perfect fix to any cleaning problem. Construction cleaning is another area our experience will benefit you! 

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