Only You Can Prevent… Factory Fires!

Combustible dust textile factory fire disaster restoration

I know where you thought that was going… you probably even heard that deep, familiar bear’s voice reminding you of the role you play in protecting our forests and wildlife. Similarly, in a textile factory, fire prevention is an absolute necessity! One of our Field Team Members recently put things in perspective: In facilities where cotton (or similar) fibers are abundant “the AIR could actually catch on fire at anytime!” Think about that a second… the AIR could virtually explode! It’s borderline humorous but equally sobering! As a factory or facility manager, you have a lot at stake! Production, property damage and most tragically, loss of life-these are very real concerns for which you bear a large portion of responsibility!

This video by the USCSB outlines a number of examples across multiple industries and the consequences of delaying necessary combustible dust maintenance: <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Scheduling routine Fire Prevention maintenance is key! We can help you determine how frequently your facility needs this expert service. There are some things you and your staff can do between Clean Metro Inc.’s in depth services to further mitigate your risk.

  • If your facility doesn’t already have a daily or weekly containment & removal schedule for debris & dust buildup visible from the ground, establish one now! One plant manager observed what appeared to be months of buildup although his staff was supposed to gather and dispose of this debris daily. Make this daily and weekly maintenance 1) non-negotiable and 2) measurable!
  • Educate your employees. Once you have established a daily or weekly maintenance schedule for your facility, make education an on-going priority! Make sure your team knows what’s at stake and has the tools to prevent damage and injury!
  • Weigh the long-term impact of a fire vs. the long-term benefits of hiring #AdventureCleaners like the skilled team at Clean Metro, Inc.! One of our jobs should have been a simple, inexpensive preventive blow-down service but after a fire, it quickly mushroomed into an expensive, multi-day water cleanup job! Not to mention the damage to the facility & machinery as well as loss of product & production time! Cost of fire preventive blow-downs seems minor in comparison, doesn’t it?

Construction dust cleanup by clean metro, inc.

Factory & Facility Managers, what have you found to be effective fire prevention in your facility for the protection of your company’s assets and most importantly, your employees?

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