‘Tis the… Shut-Down Season

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s

Textile Factory fugitive dust blow-down during shut-downFor most of the county the days listed are crowd favorites because it means a day of rest. Over here at Clean Metro, Inc. when we hear those terms it means 12-18 hour work days! Although the most skilled in the industry, even our expert team finds it challenging to safely clean around on-going operations in most textile, automotive or aerospace manufacturing facilities! (Granted, we’ve done it and could do it again, but still…;-) ) Thus those few, precious days per year that the majority of the manufacturing industry shuts down makes way for us to manage the critical cleaning tasks that keep industrial and factory facilities safe and profitable work and production environments.

Industrial Shut-Down Facility CleaningAs a facility manager, why should you contact us early?

A single day of cleaning requires months of planning for you! Getting bids, screening cleaning companies, having corporate approve the funds and the list goes on! At the risk of sounding haughty; due to the reputation Clean Metro, Inc. has carefully crafted through the years we are in especially high demand during these shut-down periods! We now meticulously choose the companies we want to work with and during shut-down cleaning season this could mean that if you do not schedule early, you may receive a “no” from us! Prime example: it is just May 10th but we already have multiple requests for July 4th shut-down and at least two already scheduled! End-of-year shut-down cleaning takes months of planning. Its never too soon to start getting bids in place, funds approved, etc.!

Annual shut-down machine cleaningShut Down & Clean Up! Call us now to start planning your shut-down cleaning in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina or Tennessee!
• Fugitive dust blow-down in a textile factory
• Aerospace high dust vacuuming & containment
• Nitty-gritty machine cleaning in a grimy casting/welding/extrusion plant
Clean Metro, Inc. is THE company you want to choose!

Even if you have a routine janitorial company in place, it is very unlikely they have the skill or experience to safely and properly clean your facility on this level! Psst… Your current janitorial contractor doesn’t need to feel threatened by our presence since we have no interest in taking their contract! 😉 What if you need specialty cleaning during production? No matter where in the southeast your plant or factory is located, we can help you with that too! Let’s talk!

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