Why Us?

“We Clean Stuff That Moves The World & Protect The People In It”

Welcome to Clean Metro, Inc. (CMI), an innovative enterprise established in 2012. We’re at the forefront of evolving trends, including our ability to leverage the gig economy. We specialize in a range of services to support your company into the future. Keep reading to see how!

Technical Cleaning & Degreasing at Industrial facility

Based in South Carolina, Clean Metro, Inc. operates as a specialized cleaning company. Our expertise encompasses janitorial, construction cleaning, and specialty cleaning preventative maintenance solutions, meticulously designed for large-scale commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities. While our services are tailored to these sectors, we do not engage in residential or small commercial cleaning. Our sister company

Our diverse expertise includes:

  • Forward-looking janitorial services that align with the evolving gig economy.
  • Advanced and eco-friendly dry ice blasting.
  • Thorough industrial interior and exterior cleaning and restoration.
  • Full-scale post-construction cleanup services.
  • Precise clean room construction final cleaning.
  • Attentive overhead cleaning solutions.
  • Skilled high-rise window cleaning.
  • Effective combustible dust containment and removal.
  • Expert hydro excavation and hydro demolition.
  • Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) water blasting for heavy duty challenging tasks.

At Clean Metro, Inc., we’re more than a cleaning company; we’re trailblazers in the industry’s transition to the gig economy. Our extensive labor network empowers us to deliver services throughout the southeastern region and beyond, harnessing the power of the gig economy’s flexibility. Rigorous selection ensures our team members align with our commitment to excellence in project representation.

While deep cleaning is a part of our repertoire, we’re dedicated to environmentally friendly processes. Employing methods like dry-ice blasting, glass bead blasting, compressed air, and deionized water, we prioritize eco-conscious cleaning solutions, often relying on the simplicity of water itself.

Innovation defines us as we tackle intricate and unconventional cleaning tasks, pioneering creative solutions that set us apart.

Safety remains paramount. Our impeccable safety record is a testament to our unwavering vigilance. Our utmost priorities encompass our team’s well-being and the safeguarding of your property. Our field support team holds OSHA 10 certifications, and our field management team members are certified at the OSHA 30 level.

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Clean Metro, Inc. Team on location in upstate SC.

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We are proud to partner with awesome suppliers. Certainly, we could not do what we do without them!

Our preferred partners include: United Rentals | Herc Rentals | CAT Rentals | Home Depot Institutional (Supply Works) | Holston Gases | Sherwin Williams